welcomeWe offer one-on-one and small-group tutoring in reading, writing, and English/language arts, including focus in the following areas:

  • Reading –  phonics and word recognition, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency
  • Writing – early stage basic writing skills, opinion, informative, and narrative
  • English/language arts – spelling, grammar, and punctuation

Each child is diagnosed and assessed to determine his/her independent reading level, strengths, and weaknesses.

Based on the assessments, we plan individualized programs that are fun, interactive, and engaging.

We monitor progress and provide specific, ongoing feedback to the child as well as the parent.

We provide developmentally appropriate books in a wide variety of genres that are suited not only to the child’s level but also their interest.  These books will be read at home so students can practice strategies learned during tutoring sessions.

We are well versed in the Common Core State Standards.

We are happy to come to your home or hold sessions at your local library.

Please contact us today to set up a consultation